Welcome to the 7th Floorball Festival Cologne:
The registration is completed
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 10:00


All 16 teams are registered!
After one team had to revoce their participation, the TSV Neuwittenbek took the last starting place - welcome on board!

So once again - We’re fully booked and looking forward to the FFC 2011 :-)

We welcome the teams to the FFC 2011

All 16 teams have found their way to the Floorball Festival. Some are well known friends, some friends will bring their new team and some are coming for the first time to Cologne. We welcome you all! The FFC team is very happy to present you the teams for the this year’s Floorball Festival:

ASV Köln - Germany

ASV KölnASV Köln
City: Köln
Country: Germany
Club Website
League: 2. Maxx Print Floorballbundesliga Nord
Description: The home team and organizer of the FFC - We rock for you!


Fossiilit - Finland

City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Club Website
Jersey color: Orange
League: Senior League Finland


GIF Nike - Sweden

GIF NikeGIF Nike
City: Lomma
Country: Sweden
Club Website
Jersey color: Red
League: 4th Division

Gladiateurs D'Orléans - France

Gladiateurs D'OrléansGladiateurs D'Orléans

City: Orléans
Country: France
Club Website
League: Second division in France


Rhein-Main Eagles - Germany

Logo-Floorball-Hessen_Entwurf_web5Rhein-Main Eagles
City: Mainz
Country: Germany
Club Website

Jersey color: gelb-blau
League: Regionalliga West/2.BL
Description: In the last season we created this team out of two clubs (TSG Erlensee and Floorball Mainz). After a very funny and successful first year we now want to play against strong international teams to be prepared for the next season in the 2nd Bundesliga.


SC Ruisranteet - Finland

SCRSC Ruisranteet
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Club Website

Jersey color: Blue
League: 4th and 5th division
Description:We have two teams that are both built around a group of friends that enjoy playing floorball. Our team to the FFC will consist of players from both teams that were chosen randomly.


SC Sähly 90 - Finland


SC Sähly 90

SC Sähly - 90
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Club Website
League: 2nd division & 5th division

Half of the players have participated earlier to this tournament (under different teams). We have players from team's sub-teams who play in 2nd, 5th division and some players from senior series (who qualified among top 8 teams in M35 league). With good play we have good changes to get all the way through to the semi-finals/finals.


SG Mittelnkirchen / Stade - Germany

SG MitSG Mittelnkirchen / Stade telnkirchen / Stade
City: Neuenkirchen
Country: Deutschland
Club Website
Jersey color: Weiß oder Schwarz
League: 2. Maxx Print Floorballbundesliga Nord


SSC Hochdahl - Germany

SSC Hochdahlhochdahl
City: Erkrath
Country: Germany
Club Website
League: 2. Maxx Print Floorballbundesliga Nord
Description: First season in 2. Bundesliga


SSF Bonn - Germany

SSF Bonn at the FFC 2011SSF Bonn

City: Bonn
Country: Germany
Club Website

League: 2nd Division (2. Bundesliga)
Description: Endlich schafft es Bonn auch eine Mannschaft zu stellen.

TSV Neuwittenbek - Germany

TSV NeuwittenbekTSV Neuwittenbek

City: Kiel
Country: Germany
League: 2nd Division (2. Bundesliga)


TV Eiche Horn Bremen - Germany

TV Eiche Hornbremen
City: Bremen
Country: Germany
Club Website
League: 2. Maxx Print Floorballbundesliga Nord
Description: FFC Winner in year 2008


TV Lilienthal - Germany

TV LilienthalTV Lilienthal
City: Lilienthal
Country: Germany
Club Website
Jersey color: Black
League: 1st Division


UHC Fricktal Stein - Switzerland

UHC Fricktal SteinUHC Fricktal Stein
City: Stein (AG)
Country: Switzerland
Club Website

Jersey color: black / orange
League: 2nd Division

The UHC Fricktal Stein is coming for the second time to the FFC. Last year they became third. The team went up into the second league in the last season - therefore they are one of the favourites for the FFC 2011.


UHC Kreuzlingen - Switzerland

UHC Kreuzlingen
UHC Kreuzlingen

City: Kreuzlingen
Country: Schweiz
League: 3rd Division


UHC Sharks Münchenstein - Switzerland

UHC Sharks MünchensteinUHC Sharks Münchenstein
City: Basel
Country: Switzerland
Club Website
Jersey color: yellow
League: 3rd Division Switzerland
Description: We are coming the first time to FFC and looking forward to having fun and playing our best floorball.


Stay tuned and look forward to the 7th edition of the Floorball Festival Cologne!

Registration open
Friday, 15 April 2011 00:45

The registration for the Floorball Festival 2011 is open!register-now-sign

Register your team here:

We are looking forward to see you in Cologne this year.

Thursday, 10 February 2011 20:27


We'll do it again 3. + 4. September 2011 - Cologne - get ready soon!


Final standing
Thursday, 09 September 2010 23:01

Congratulations to the this year champion

ETV Hamburg 

ffc2010_z_z_u0 ffc2010_z_z_u6

Final standing:

1. ETV Hamburg (GER)
2. SBS Kings (FIN)
3. UHC Fricktal (SUI)
4. Tilburg Floorball (NDL)
5. TV Lilienthal (GER)
6. Fossiilit (FIN)
7. Innebandy Zürich (SUI)
8. SC Ruisranteet (FIN)
9. TV Bremen (GER)
10. ASV Köln (GER)
11. KF Ljungby (SWE)
12. FBK Svitavy (CZ)
13. London Sharks 1 (GB)
14. WFC (GER)
15. Tornado Brussels (BE)
16. London Sharks 2 (GB)

The complete stats and some videos will also be online soon.

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